Pro TV

Pro TV Chișinău is a private, generalist TV channel from Moldova. It was founded in 1999. It is operated by Prodigital SRL, part of CME trust. Besides some PRO TV Bucharest's programs, Pro TV Chișinău broadcasts local newscasts and shows, as well as local advertising.

Pro TV
Pro TV
  • Client
    ProTV Chișinău
  • Year
  • Region
    Moldova, Romania
  • Deliverables
    UX/UI / Web
Pro TV

The most watched television channel in Moldova and Romania.

Our task with this client was to elaborate the following platforms:,,

Our team worked a lot on the back-end architecture, on the speed of operation and optimization of the databases. We formulated the live streams function and generated a complex system for displaying advertising on these platforms. Custom website design, responsive web development so their news website could perfectly fit thousands of screens. 

Pro TV
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