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Mediapark was founded in 2010 in Vilnius, Lithuania, with an aim to build modern and easy-to-use web and mobile solutions. We have expanded our team of experienced and passionate people working in many countries around the world.

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At least once a year our team goes on vacation together - skiing in Italy, catching sun in Cyprus, hiking in Georgia or exploring the valleys of Turkey.

Mediapark summer trip. Italy, 2019

Vadul lui Vodă , Moldova

Motivating our associates to do sports is vital, this is why, this time we chose a Sunday to race for 5 hours using kayaks on the upstream of a river, and get the most amazing BBQ as a reward for our athletes.

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Bukovel Village, Ukraine

Amazing experience, fresh air and good vibes. Nothing bonds a team better than a skiing session along with Russian Sauna and tasty food!

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Tuscany, Italy

We rented a 1000-year-old castle village surrounded by a forest in Tuscany, and spend there 4 unforgettable days and nights to remember. We made a full day sightseeing trip to Firenze, followed by a good dose of suntan on a beach in Livorno.

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Zermatt, Canton Valais, Switzerland

To clear our heads and get some fresh air we took an annual trip to the mountains, yet the first time to Switzerland. Visited the famous Matterhorn mountain, which is commonly believed to have given inspiration for the triangular shape of Toblerone chocolate.

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Odessa, Ukraine

Odessa was totally surprising and met us with a full package of entertainment: relaxation by the pool in a 5* hotel with SPA procedures, fun night in the amusement park and impressive tour to worlds biggest catacombs.

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Chamonix Mont Blanc, France

Team-building in the clouds - this is how we describe Mediapark team trip to French Alps and highest mountain in Europe. Traditional ski trip gathered colleagues for new adventures.

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We had an opportunity to feel the life of local people in Medina of Marrakesh. A caravan of 40 camels took us to Sahara desert where we spent a night sleeping under the stars and had fresh fish for dinner in the port of most windy city Essaouira.

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Canazei, Italy

Armed with skiing ammunition we went to conquer the Italian Alps! We were fascinated by panorama of white peaks above the clouds and excited with new skiing tricks that we learned.

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Batumi, Georgia

Nearly a 100 of us from all five offices traveled together to Georgia. We hiked 10 km up the mountain to see the waterfall of Makhuntsefti and watched the sunset in Batumi beach.

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Dimaro, Italy

A landscape with white peaks of Alps, clear blue sky and a choice of 80 skiing tracks - most of the team members experienced it for the first time. Thankfully we all came back home safe and sound.

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Kemer, Turkey

Vilnius and Mogilev teams went for an adventure together for the first time. Had a chance to experience an extreme safari to the burning mountain and scuba diving in the caves.

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Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Four days in paradise. Tropic heat, sandy beaches, jumping to the clear sea from the roof of a yacht, orientation games and some clubbing - one of the most memorable vacations :)

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Sardinia, Italy

We had a whole hotel on the sea shore just for us! White sand, crystal clear water, Italian food and drinks and exploring the island in buggies - four days wasn’t enough.

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The first vacation trip of Mediapark team. Plenty of new experiences and adventures that include hiking in the stunning nature of Georgia and tasting wine.

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