30 shopify extensions

to increase your marketing potential

Every online store administrator who has ever tried to install an extension knows that it is not at all easy – failures, incomplete functionality and long time spent during the process of installation are not the full list…. True, we are lucky to have Shopify online stores, because there it is quite simple. In this regard, I offer to get acquainted with 30 useful marketing and sales applications, which will be very useful both for increasing sales and administration!


You may feel a little confused as you navigate through the huge library of applications, with about 2,000 different programs, and it takes an incredible amount of time to check and test these applications, so our team has taken care of application research and offers you 30 following applications!

Sales and marketing extensions:

# 1 Abandoned Cart Recovery

Web Push Notifications – news, turn websites into even stronger online store owners’ sales and marketing channels. Unique advantage of this channel is that it connects you with your potential customers in real time, meaning that there is no need to wait for customers to check emails or even be on your site, as push notifications are delivered to the customer directly on his desktop!


If you haven’t used push notifications before, try the Abandoned Cart Recovery – Shopify app, which automates notifications for abandoned carts. This app saves you time and improves your chances of recovering lost sales from abandoned shopping carts. The app can literally be up and running in minutes – for free.

# 2 Ultimate Sales Boost

When a customer sees that one of the goods will not be available soon, they want it even more – it is a person’s inner psychology. If you know how to achieve a rush or shortage effect in your Shopify store, you are definitely on the right track to get big money. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to do it yet, because application Ultimate Sales Boost is the perfect tool just for you! Once installed, the app immediately adds a countdown timer, inventory counter, and social security widget to the product pages, providing a powerful prompt for buyers to press the “buy” button.

# 3 Sales Pop Ups & Email Pop Ups

This is a powerful app if you want to build your email / followers list and increase your sales at the same time. Basically, this app helps you to offer a special discount in exchange for new followers or subscribers. The discount incentive helps to drive purchases, while collected emails / followers can be used to create a highly targeted sales funnel. The more value your customers get, the more they will trust you!

# 4 Sales Pop – Social Proof Popup

Sales Pop is one of the fastest growing apps and it would be a big mistake not to include it in the list of the best Shopify apps. Sales pop has been one of Shopify’s most popular free apps, used by 60,000 active users in its first week. The app runs continuously and dynamically updates notifications showing which products other users have recently purchased. The app provides reliability, motivates purchases, and increases your Shopify store conversion rate. After installation, the app automatically syncs with store data to retrieve the latest orders and turn them into notification windows.

# 5 Instagram shop by SNPT

SNPT is designed to help you manage your Instagram account – it bridges the gap between your account and your store through an SNPT profile page that displays your Instagram images and allows the customer to go directly to where the product can be purchased. This means that the service allows you to import images from your Instagram account into your SNPT profile and then specify where a customer should go next.

# 6 Social Media Stream

With social media streaming, you can display your posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Tumblr on a single page. This can help you gain social media followers and reduce the time you spend embedding images and news.

# 7 Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos

Yotpo helps Shopify store owners to generate product reviews that they can then easily share with their Facebook and Twitter profiles to drive visitor growth and sales. Yotpo is a free service that helps strengthen social creditworthiness to increase trust and sell more.

# 8 LimeSpot Personalizer

By analyzing each visitor’s unique preference in your store based on their browsing activity and sales history, this app displays the most relevant product recommendations on your site and creates a more personal and inspiring shopping experience for your customers. LimeSpot Personalizer creates 5 types of widgets and allows you to set appropriate types of recommendations on each page: Customers who bought it, store bestsellers, recently viewed and recommended products. When customers add an item from the suggestions widget, a new widget will appear with even more related items they are most likely to want to purchase. Additionally, if you’re interested in uploading and international sales, you can take a look at Boost Sales, a marketing app designed to build advanced international sales offerings.

# 9 Plug in SEO

The Plug in SEO will tell you if your store has any search engine performance issues that are worth addressing. After installation, the app checks your store’s home page, determines level of activity, and displays detailed information.

# 10 Bulk Discounts

Bulk Discounts is a free app that lets you import discount codes for your store or create a large amount of discount codes that your customers can use when shopping at your store.

# 11 Smile.io

Smile.io allows you to quickly create and manage your loyalty program that is equally engaging, fun and motivating for your customers in both mobile and web environments.


When you give something to your customers, they are more loyal, more likely to return, and more likely to make repeat purchases. You can easily create a rewards program for purchases, customer referrals, account sign-ups, social campaigns / tracking, and birthday rewards with just a few clicks.

Email automation and extensions:

# 12 Klaviyo: Email Marketing

Klaviyo gives online store owners access to powerful email marketing automation. With the Klaviyo app, you can quickly set up automated email notifications, such as abandoned shopping cart emails, customer greeting campaigns, and automated order status notifications.

Delivery extensions:

# 13 Easyship – All in one shipping

One of the most advanced applications is Easyship. The app helps e-shops deliver goods internationally. One Easyship account gives your Shopify store access to 100+ courier services, tariffs with discounts of up to 70%, including full transparency of international shipping rules, taxes and fees, available couriers and tariffs. Add your store, download orders and print invoices and other necessary documents in minutes. The app is free; you only have to pay for the delivery costs.

# 14 Shippo

Shippo integrates with your Shopify orders and allows you to print invoices with a single click. Select the shipment category, date, type of service and preferred carrier and you will receive the bill of lading within seconds.

# 15 AfterShip Order Tracking

AfterShip allows you to track all your shipments in one place and automatically send delivery updates to customers. The application supports FedEx, USPS, DHL, UPS and 350+ carriers.

E-store administration extensions:

# 16 Free Shipping Bar

The Free Shipping Bar allows you to display a free shipping offer in a sliding bar, display progressive messages when a customer places more items in their shopping cart, and greet customers when they have free shipping offers.

# 17 Improved Contact Form

This app replaces your Shopify store contact page and provides additional information about your customer, their location, and e-store sections they visited before contacting you.

# 18 Messenger channel

About half of the world’s online users are on Facebook. If only there was a free messaging tool that everyone already is familiar with and knew and trusted – wouldn’t it be Facebook Messenger? The Messenger channel is your key to customer satisfaction, because whether your customers have a pre-sales issue or need to resolve another issue, they can always start a conversation using the Messenger channel widget without losing conversation history and context. As a result, Shopify store owner has a continuous chat session, regardless of whether the customer is on Facebook Messenger or on the store’s website.

# 19 Kit

Kit is an additional hand kit that you have been looking for to develop sales and marketing for your store. As your FREE virtual employee, the Kit will automatically recommend marketing activities that will drive sales. With a few quick steps via SMS or Facebook Messenger, you can create and promote a discount code, launch a targeting campaign to get visitors back to your store, send emails to customers, and more! The kit helps you manage Instagram and Facebook ads, email marketing and social media messages to drive sales and grow your business – all for free. Return on investment you receive from the kit will be the amount of sales you make and the time you save with the Kit’s free virtual assistant.

# 20 Digital Downloads

Shopify Digital Downloads is a free and easy-to-use application that allows you to offer digital products in your Shopify store. Customers have immediate access to content, and product updates are automatically forwarded to customers.

# 21 Auto Currency Switcher

If your business is located in more than one country, you always want your visitors to see prices of the goods in local currency. Protect foreign buyers from the pain of mathematical gymnastics – use the Auto Currency Switcher app, where a customer can change a currency from the currency selection box. The app increases comfort level of foreign customers and increases international sales.

# 22 Facebook Shop

With the Facebook Shop app you can sell products directly on your Facebook page. When you activate a Facebook sales channel in your Shopify store, a Facebook page will be added to the Store tab, displaying your Shopify products. Products, inventory and order management can be done in Shopify. With this app, you can increase your reach on a channel that already has your customers and with just one click to get started.

# 23 Bulk Image Edit – Image SEO

Image optimization is an essential part of any online business. Bulk image editing adds meaningful text and optimizes the size of product and theme images. Increase the number of your site in Google search and generate more traffic and sales!

# 24 Order Printer

This app allows you to quickly and easily print invoices, bills of lading, checks, packing slips and more. You can customize and create templates to suit any need, or print in bulk to speed up your delivery process.

# 25 Alt Text

Alt Text automatically generates text for your Shopify store images based on a set of parameters, helping you to get more traffic from search engines.

# 26 Infinite Product Options

If you are frustrated with a limited number of 3 customizations per product page, then this free app is definitely for you. To offer your customers a wider choice of products and increase your chances of successful sales, try the Infinite Product Options app.

Other useful extensions:

# 27 Oberlo

If you are looking for a business idea or you need a product to sell, Oberlo can help you. With Oberlo, you can search for a market for products that you can import directly into your Shopify store. When you receive your order, Oberlo will deliver the product directly to your customers. You don’t have to worry about packaging or delivery.

# 28 Printful

With printing, Shopify syncs your store with a custom printed product, such as a t-shirt. When your Shopify order is placed, it is automatically sent to Printful, and it will print and send it to your customer.

# 29 Google Shopping

Google Shopping lets you sync your Shopify store with the Google Merchant Center, easily and conveniently, using a direct automatic API feed to update your listings.

# 30 eBay

eBay is an app that will copy your Ebay catalog to your Shopify store. It supports active, planned and unsold products and automatically processes product images, variants and categories.


The best part is that Shopify stores of any size can use these apps as long as they are used and implemented correctly. Spend 0 euros and increase sales immediately! What prevents you from installing these apps right now? This is our list of the best Shopify applications.


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