Logo Design from A to Z

Dissecting the logo design process, why each step is important to create something great and how to get started.

Design Brief

Read very carefully the brief, try to mark the keywords and understand what is really important for the client. Inspect the client’s social media and website if there exists.

Remember, the more you know about your client, the smarter solutions you can come up with.

A echilibrate brief is the key to an awesome logo process creation.


Word mapping

Word mapping is an awesome way to generate great ideas for your logo designs.

It’s really important to have a great brief because this will help us easily understand what are the key words that matter for the client.

Put the company name in the center of your sheet and connect words that have something in common with the company name, field or just write things that associate with. Grab keywords from the brief.

Now you have all that stuff on paper try to have a good look at you all you word mapping notes

and start to focus on words that stand out from the crowd.



You must further research the industry, it’s history, and the competitors before embarking on any logo design project.

Research is one of the most important steps in the logo design process as this ensures that your logo will differ from the competitors and it also sets a benchmark.

Try to preview where the logo will live on, what surfaces and materials will be used for branding.

At this step a very useful thing will be – moodboards. Different logo techniques and images will guide you to understand better what can work for your client.



Sketching logos concepts is where creativity comes into play. Based on the design brief and research conducted, this is where I let ideas run wild.

Make sketches on a sheet, try to write the company’s name in different ways and look at them from different angles. Use mood boards and word mapping sheets to explore more ideas.

Don’t take too much time to overthink one draft, just sketch everything you feel and you have in your thoughts. At this stage is a must to take breaks so you could have a fresh view.


From sketch to digital

After sketching lots of ideas you need to judge them against the brief and pick the good ones.

Now it’s time to transform them into digital concepts. I use Adobe Illustrator.

After I’ve general ideas I develop many variations of the concepts. One of the first things I do when experimenting with the logo design I try to find the best color and typeface for the logo.

I do not add any color to designs till this step. This is to ensure that the design concept works in one color only. This makes the logo more adaptable for use over a variety of media.

One more thing is that simplicity in logo design is the key. The simpler a logo is, the more memorable and adaptable it is.



Try to use mockups that fit the company field, try to anticipate how the logo will be used in ”nature” and where it will be printed.

Use different backgrounds and make a simple pattern to visualise the logo in different ways.

Don’t make too many sliders and try to be more clean and clear.


Review and Approval

We all love when the client loves the design the first time around, no reviews, no requests but in nine of ten cases the client will have some big or small revisions, so your role is to listen and advise the client what is good and what will not work for him. Explain the process and the main idea where this comes from.

When the consensus will be gained confirm the final version of the logo and work on deliverables.

Clients love when they gain more than you promise so always make a small „gift” that will be remembered.